Who Can Join?

University Health Federal Credit Union recently expanded its field of membership to become the only credit union in the area exclusively for health care employees (and their family members).

Membership is now available to employees, independent contractors or self-employed persons, who work regularly in the health care industry in Richmond or Columbia counties, Georgia, meaning they work at or provide the following services or products:

Membership is also available to volunteers and retirees from the above employment. Your family members are also eligible once you join the credit union.

Membership is for Life!
Once you become a member of University Health FCU, you can continue your membership even if you leave the health care field.

If you have questions about our membership expansion, call us at 706-774-8850 or email us at comments@universityhealthfcu.org.

Family Membership
You and the members of your immediate family may enjoy all the credit union benefits for life. Your eligible family members (natural, adopted, foster or step) are shown in the following diagram: